Closing times (and sloggio) of the Bovisa Campus

The facilities are open until 21.00 ….

If, like me, you are a frequent visitor to the study rooms of your campus or, unfortunately, you happened to have to stay inside the polytechnic beyond a certain time to conclude a project (let's say around 18.30 – 19.00) … you will surely have come across someone who with more or less kindness asked you to go out / close / go. Well.

Intrigued by this singular fact obviously Italian (abroad the universities are open until 22.00, on average) I wrote to the logistics services of Bovisa La Masa to ask for some clarifications and have precise information about it.

The very kind lady of the logistic services contacted me to explain these simple but essential points:

  • The facilities are open until 21.00
  • They can't kick you out of any classroom, whether teaching or studying, unless there is a professor/lesson/has been booked in advance.
  • It may happen that there is the cleaning company that has to clean the classroom. Common sense prevails here. However, the points mentioned above remain valid.

That said, if similar situations occur such as: at 5.40 pm, they arrive and invite you to leave without giving explanations …

First of all, support your right to study until 9 pm. If they insist on moving you, kindly request the name and surname of that person and write an email to indicating time, classroom and campus.

As student representatives we will go to the logistics area which will take the necessary measures.

For Leonardo the same rules apply of course!

Do you remember the video we made during the election campaign about this topic? Review it here!