My best enemy

Today, a few days after the results of the elections for student representation, during the first convocation of the Student Council,the body that brings together all the elected representatives, something happened that needs some explanation.

Let's take a step back to before the elections. During the election campaign, as you have noticed, La Terna Sinistrorsa in the name of intellectual honesty and transparency, the bulwarks of their campaign, wanted to inform the students about the proximity of the Open List to Communion and Liberation by distributing leaflets denigrating them.

At the end of the elections, the polls decided that 15 representatives were elected to the student council from our Svoltastudenti list,15 from the Open List and only 6 from La Terna Sinistrorsa.

Returning to today, in the name of that intellectual honesty too often used improperly, we feel the need to inform you that the elections within the Student Council have sanctioned peace between the two lists that evidently have decided to close the fake contrast by sharing the positions of the university.

We, remaining faithful to a completely innovative ideal of university, voted for one of our candidates for all the offices,even though we knew that we did not have, on balance, the majority because downstream of the agreement all the votes ended with the same result: 15 to 21.

Although politics often feeds on compromises, we must find the courage to "stand up", not bend to games and subterfuges to try not to be excluded from the system, continue to support their values, for correct and shareable that they are, out of respect for the people who have chosen to put an X on the symbol that is being represented. There is so much sorrow, for those who bend, for fear of breaking.

However, we will work with our heads held high as always and we will always be available to collaborate with those who want a meritocratic university, which aims at excellence and which is projected to the world and the future.