Board of Directors elections

Last Saturday, elections were held for the renewal of the Svoltastudenti APS ETS Board of Directors, which take place every two years.

This is a moment that has always been very exciting for all the members, and also involves Svoltastudenti’s Arbitrators and Alumni. In a hall in building 11, the day went on until late afternoon amid speeches, debates, voting, laughter and tears of emotion.


Svolta is a bit forever, it’s that place where once you go in you never come out again. What I would like to do today is not to look at the past, but to look at the future. To look at what lies ahead, at what we will be… how is it that this association for 15 years has managed to keep going, despite there being five of us, despite there being covid, despite all the challenges we face. I thank the previous directors, but also the members before us because this is not the fruit of a two-year term of office, but the fruit of a 15-year journey”.


With these words, outgoing President Fabrizio Gรจ thanked the 9th Board and the former members (Alessandro Di Giovine, Alessia Mattesini, Filiberto Canino, Bianca Pallini, Elena Picchetti, Eric Di Luca, Gennaro Sapio and Andrea Polidori) as he concluded his last speech before the Assembly.

Seven of the 13 candidates were elected, and the positions assigned are as follows:

President: Alessia Stumpo

Vice-President: Luca Palmieri

Secretary: Asia Bariselli

Treasurer: Alessandro Mercurio

Board members: Christian Troilo, Emanuele Chiucchi, Tommaso Andriani


Our thanks go to the outgoing Executive Board, which led the Association from October 2021 to October 2023, always striving to raise the bar a little higher.

To the new Executive Board we wish the best of luck for the next two years: they will have to take up the legacy of the previous 15 years and continue to pass on the values of Svoltastudenti. Enjoy every single moment of this journey!

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