MIUR: public consultation on the legal value of the qualification

On 27 January 2012, at the end of the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Mario Monti announced his intention to submit to public consultation the issue of the legal value of the qualification,entrusting its management to the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

It is a choice that marks an important distinctive element compared to the past. What, in Europe, is now a consolidated practice, in Italy has found only timid and sporadic applications.

There is, on the part of all the components of the Government, the conviction that it must be all citizens (including young people) who contribute to economic recovery, committing themselves to growth and development. In this perspective, the constructive contribution of those who have an interest or opinion becomes an incentive to improve decisions.

The institutions gain from this, increasing their transparency; citizens, who gain accessibility to the activity of the Government; finally, the whole country gains, which adapts to the standards of the European Union.

The basic idea is to transform consultation into a path, a key element of government action that, before deciding, stops to listen to the voice of the recipients of the decisions: the citizens.