What is the fund for excellence?

The Politecnico di Milano, on the proposal of the representatives of the students, he has allocated part of the contribution the student to the establishment of a fund to sostenire equal opportunities and to promote the merit Project of Merit). With the fund for merit are funded these initiatives: – handbags for off-campus students particularly worthy (320.000,00 €); – extension of exemptions for merit to the students of the first year of the Master’s degree (about 670.000,00 €); – integration of the Erasmus programme (440.000,00 €); – prizes for the best students of each School, awarded to the 2nd year of inscription on the base of the academic results of the 1st year of the bachelor Degree (202.500,00 €); – scholarships for thesis abroad (290.000,00 €); – contribution of international competitions (30.000,00 €); – scholarships for sporting merit (50.000,00 €). The on-demand mode can be found on the website of the University. For more information: https://www.polimi.it/studenti-iscritti/tasse-borse-e-agevolazioni-economiche/fondo-per-il-merito/

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