How it works the late registration for exams? As you see the outcome?

With late Registration for examinations refers to the case where the teacher decides to take the exam to a student who is not registered. The instructor must inform the student to enroll immediately (each student can do it until the day of the exam, if the teacher allows it). The adjustments of the minutes are allowed without requests to the office: – within the 15 march to appeals take place after the first half of the year; – later than 20 August for appeals take place after the second half of the year; by October 15 for appeals held in the autumn session. In the verbal information relating to the outcome of the examination by the student: – 18 to 30 and praise: it is a valid vote received by the student; – postponed: the student will be ineligible to appeal to the next; – should be a castaway: the student will be ineligible to appeal to a subsequent session; – absent: the student is presented to the appeal. If the student has enrolled for the exam, but late, the possible entries is added to the above: – not allowed: the teacher is believed not to accept late entry. In the moment in which an assessment will be recorded will be sent an email nominal to the student. For more information:

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