Drinking water dispensers, machine renewal and sustainability

PoliMi becomes even more sustainable with the replacement of all the old machines and their renewal!

From today to November 30th, in fact, in all the Campuses (Leonardo, Bovisa, Lecco, Como, Mantua, Cremona and Piacenza) we will witness a profound change in the way of taking a break.

The environmental issue is very close to our heart and wasting unnecessarily is not part of our intentions so the real question is 'Why not?'

The new distributors will be of energy class A, A +, A ++ and all equipped with self-off for energy saving (Energy saving function) and LED lighting.

But it doesn't end there! The cups of the hot drinks will be Hybrid and the compostable palettes, with the exception of the Polo di Mantova where they will be made of Bio-Ware paper and the biodegradable palettes.

It will also be possible to use your own cups and glasses to further reduce the daily waste of our University.

Great changes also for payments: it will be possible to pay with cash, key or rechargeable electronic card, credit card, debit card, debit card and APP on all distributors and on some machines for each building will be installed a system of recharging the keys through banknotes.

In the experimental phase, dispensers will also be installed for the dispensing of first and second courses, which can also be booked via APP, to be picked up and heated in microwaves.

As mentioned above it is an experiment so there will be 3 in the Leonardo campus and 2 in Bovisa and at least in one distributor per building there will be dishes for celiacs.

In addition, 24 dispensers of drinking and microfiltered natural water and 15 will be added to the various campuses, which will also provide carbonated water.

We remind you to empty the credit of your keys, as this can no longer be returned. Follow us on social @svoltastudenti to know the exact positions of the distributors and to find out when and how to collect the deposit of the keys!