EdA School of Engineering Council of March 24, 2014

Yesterday, March 24, 2014, the School Council of the School of Building Engineering – Architecture in Milan-Leonardo met, convened by the Dean Pizzi to communicate the latest updates on the state of the art of the new training offer.

Present were the teachers of the courses of study belonging to the School – Building Engineering, Construction Management, Building Engineering-Architecture and Architectural Engineering – and student representatives.

The renewal of the educational offer had already been discussed in the School Council of 12 December 2013, announcing to the members what would be the main changes regarding the reorganization of the ICAR area.

Everything stems from the need to rationalize the resources of Schools and Universities, in order to avoid the redundancies of similar courses of study, which can be merged into a single class, and at the same time difficult to present to future freshmen in their peculiarities.

It should also be remembered the pressing need nowadays for a continuous rethinking of the contents offered by the individual courses according to the changing construction labor market.

The reorganization of the educational offer was therefore possible thanks to the coordination of training courses, not only between courses related to our school, but also between schools (eg union of the three-year degree course in building engineering with Architecture and Building Production, belonging to the School of Architecture and Society)

Alongside the reorganization of the POF (training offer plans), it is also planned, starting from the AA 2014/2015, a contraction of the places available for access to the individual courses of study: the choice is due not only to the decrease in demand – it has gone from 3143 enrolled in the architecture test for the AA in progress to 2547 for the next – but also to the attempt at a skimming among the students, so as to continually raise the level of the teachings.

To you, the new training offer:

Bachelor's degree in Engineering and techniques for construction and architecture (Milan-Leonardo):

Unique course with 2 distinct curricula, which respect the fusion of Ing of Building and Architecture and Building Production, with a first year in common to provide as a foundation the engineering disciplines.

Number of students admitted: 300

Five-year Degree in Building Engineering – Architecture (Lecco):

Recently at the national level there has been a rethinking of the number of hours that can be paid,now more than 4000, which therefore in our university will be lowered to 3900 approx.

Number of students admitted: 120 (-30 compared to current AA)

Building Systems Engineering (Milan-Leonardo):

Course now historic, aimed at training technicians with a complete preparation related to the engineering of architectural projects, construction management and project management.

The course will be renewed through the introduction of laboratories in English for the preparation of the degree thesis.

Number of students admitted: 120 (-20 compared to current AA)

Level II Degrees:

Architectural Engineering (Lecco):

The course was conceived as the alternative in English of Building Systems Engineering but for the profound diversity of the topics covered and the teachings offered it was decided to make it an autonomous course, recognized at ministerial level.

Today they can access the course architects, ing. construction and ing. civilians; in the future it may represent a variant in English of the EDA single-cycle degree.

Building Engineering (Milan-Leonardo):

New course entirely offered in English,has been designed as a training course to which ing. construction and ing. Civil.

It aims to create super specialized technicians in the technology of the envelope of buildings and in the integration of structures-systems.

The course aims to create professional figures who operate in the international market, professionals who find an optimal position in large design studios and international construction companies.

Management of the Built (Milan-Leonardo):

Interschool course delivered entirely in English to which architects, ing. construction, ing. civil and Ing. Management.

Number of students admitted: 80

Having illustrated the picture of the subjects offered, The Dean Pizzi wanted to underline the improvement of the training offer, which passes from:

  • 1 three-year degree course
  • 1 five-year degree course
  • 2 master's degree courses


  • 1 three-year degree course INTERSCUOLA
  • 1 five-year degree course
  • 4 master's degree courses, of which 3 are delivered entirely in English

without increasing the number of teachers, and becoming the only school of the university with 2 interschool courses.

Finally, the dean confirmed the organization of the architecture conferences of the month of November also for 2014 and communicated a new agreement with the order of architects and engineers of lecco for the activation of postgraduate training courses.