Student collaborations and Theses abroad, latest news!

Lots of news from the latest meetings of the Central Bodies: a call for 65 scholarships for theses abroad has just opened. The total, during the year, will cover 110 requests, against the 75 expected, thanks to the contribution of the Supplementary Merit Fund, wanted by the students!

The call for part-time collaborations of students was also opened. One of the novelties of this year is that even students of the third year of the Bachelor's Degree will be able to propose themselves as Tutors in peer to peer teaching activities aimed at children of previous years. The merit of the student will be privileged and secondly the economic condition in the allocation of lesson hours.

In the coming years, the following will also be built: an auditorium in the new Clover, which will see the light with the end of the Renzo Piano Project, a museum in the atrium of the Rectorate, a student hill on the La Masa campus, with new study rooms, instead of the heliport; new lifts and a new trigenerator in the Leonardo Campus.

The university also, as you may have known, has inaugurated in Xi'an the Joint School of Design and Innovation Centre, in partnership with Xi'an Jiaotong University. An opportunity to open up to a Polytechnic that is increasingly open and relevant in the eyes of the whole world, and that is projected into the future also through important international goals!

Tecla Trifilò, student representative on the Board of Directors

Marco Airoldi and Alessio Rocca, student representatives in the Academic Senate