CANTEENS: can we make them better?

The July board meeting was due to approve the extension of the contract of the company that manages some of the Poli canteens and, aware of the situation that can certainly be improved, as representatives we asked for the resolution to be postponed so that we would have time to work on a proposal to improve the service.


The resolution was postponed and this summer the representatives on the Board, Senate, some schools and the CCS worked on a new and innovative proposal, focusing on four key issues: Prices, Spaces, Quality and Sustainability.

We chose to involve all stakeholders in the discussion, including course representatives and central bodies. Luca Lombardi, Sofia Sannino, Haseeb Ashfaq, Elena Capurro, Veronica Marrocu, Davide Cutrupi and Fabio Floris formed thematic groups and during the entire month of August prepared a detailed report on these four areas of interest.


On 25th August, we sent this document to Headmistress Chiara Pesenti.

After a few days, Veronica and Sofia were invited to discuss the issue of canteens with Graziano Dragoni, Marina Currรณ and Chiara Pesenti. This meeting was very productive, as they demonstrated a strong openness to dialogue on issues of space quality and sustainability. In addition, they committed to exploring solutions to address the challenges of the limited availability of meals for vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant and coeliac people.


Regarding the issue of prices, unfortunately no direct solution emerged. This problem is primarily political and decision-making rather than corporate in nature. Consequently, this issue remains open, and we encourage anyone with any reports or concerns to contact one of the members mentioned above so that all possible issues can be addressed gradually.

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