Refreshment areas, theses abroad and more

Extension of the academic year

The request expressed by our representatives in CNSU for the extension of the academic year from 31 March to 15 June was accepted, through confidence in the Senate to the Milleproroghe decree. This is currently excellent news for all undergraduates. The extension, in the specific ways for our university, will soon be analyzed: we will let you know as soon as possible what this will mean for our undergraduates.

New refreshment areas and canteens

The canteens are open and two new refreshment points have been opened in Leonardo and Bovisa(; at Leonardo's headquarters you can book the takeaway with the app (MyLunch) and pass it to pick it up in the brand new smart locker that is at the entrance on the right.

Ready meal dispensers have been placed on the first floor of building 11 (next to the Agora of Students).

We remind you that meal vouchers for DSU beneficiaries retain the flexibility to be cumulative until Sunday for those who have the status of "off-site".
For those who, on the other hand, have the status of "in-house" or "commuter" the cumulation is from Monday to Friday.

Thesis call abroad

In the last Board of Directors, the Call for the assignment of scholarships for the development of Theses abroad for the a.y. 2020/21.

The changes introduced in the first edition of the current academic year have been confirmed. In particular:

  • The internal double degree course was taken into account
  • The possibility of digitally signing the required declarations has been made explicit
  • Rules for scrolling the ranking list have been introduced and existing ones clarified
  • Safeguard measures have been envisaged in the event of a health emergency; among this, reduction from 8 to 4 weeks as a minimum required for the allocation of the scholarship; in case of early return before 4 weeks loss of the bag but possibility of retaining the contribution for the trip; validity of the thesis work in telematic mode (provided you are already abroad).

Open days

The open days have been transformed, since the last year, into a series of online and face-to-face activities, distributed over several weeks. The path of knowledge of the Polytechnic will no longer focus on a single day on campus, but in several initiatives aimed at making the university known in all its aspects.

From March 2021, the online windows will present an introduction to university life and courses more articulated than in previous years. In compliance with the pandemic situation, the organization of the tour of the Campuses should be carried out through connections with the most significant research infrastructures of the Polytechnic, having a participation for the most part at a distance, with few people in attendance. The actual face-to-face activities, with the opening of the university to students and banquets and corners of representatives and associations, will instead focus on Saturday 27 March.