Sometimes they come back..

This is not the title of the famous horror film based on the stories of Stephen King but, it is the summary of what will happen, after numerous requests, in mid-February, in the famous "aquarium" study room, yes, the many requested turnstiles will return and together with them it is hoped that the long-awaited calm for which this place was known in the past will also return.

The reason for this "return to the origins" lies in the fact that despite the numerous cameras present in the university, we talk about several hundred scattered far and wide, in this place or there are ectoplasms in possession of the cloak of invisibility able to volatilize any object of value or it is necessary a greater control of access trying to make it a more orderly place just as it was before, here perhaps this will not be the definitive solution to all the evils of humanity but could help to reduce thefts, which unfortunately continue to follow one another, or another solution could be to help each other (knowing your neighbor) to eradicate this malpractice and why not also to make pleasant friends (always without disturbing others !! ).

In addition, on the sidelines of a meeting with the central administration we point out the fact that soon the possibility of being able to leave your personal belongings or to the staff who ensures the safety of the place where you are, so as not to have to leave precious material unattended, or at the new lockers (ready for the summer) of which the PoliMi will equip itself by increasing the spaces that it already takes to arrangement available on access-to-services/ assignment-lockers/.

As you may have noticed in many classrooms of the university in the last period the stools have disappeared and chairs have appeared, this is not the result of a new phantasmagorical invention of some professor or the ectoplasms mentioned above but the proven fact that if we propose feasible things the polytechnic listens to us, this work of partial replacement will continue until next July eliminating together with these uncomfortable stools also numerous pains of foam, so let's keep it up guys!!!

Other good news, from your representation always active even during the exam period, come from the services sector because we point out that a call center service will soon be launched for any type of reporting. Now after this, we hope, pleasant interlude it is time to return to study.

Good luck to all!! Student Turning