3 Years of WORK at PoliMI

11-June 2010
In ten points, here is the work of all of us in the last two years!
  1. The university 24h/24

A campus within student reach is made up of accessible spaces even in the evening hours: on the proposal of us at Svoltastudenti the hours of the central library of architecture and the aquarium have been extended until 11.30! at the base is the idea of a university always available, a university to live as are the best foreign universities, especially in northern Europe.

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  1. Merit and equal opportunities

The recognition and encouragement of merit are our workhorses: we have reiterated this by asking for more resources, but for an efficient and quality university; the best research must be rewarded, the quality of teaching evaluated.

The greatest success came with the approval of the MERIT FUND a great opportunity for all students, in which € 2,000,000 will be invested every year for the purpose of:

  • support the equal opportunities of students, i.e. the possibility of accessing the highest degrees of studies regardless of the economic and social conditions of each one, with equal possibility of integrating one's cultural and human formation with extraordinary educational experiences;
  • promote merit, that is, motivate students to work and express themselves for the best possible educational experience.
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  1. Charter of Rights and Duties

A charter full of fundamental principles was drawn up by the representatives: once again we reiterated the importance of rights, services and opportunities that are available to all students of the university.

Pragmatic ideas have been included: dates of appeals in advance of one semester, transparent and defined conditions of thesis work and international mobility at the start.

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  1. Erasmus Architecture

The Erasmus architecture office has been moved to via Golgi, 40: in the transition we have made an injection of transparency in the selection process and equal opportunities for all students!

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  1. Communication

Communicating to students is essential to convey the opportunities offered by the university.

And to continue to cultivate associations made of comparison, projects, ideas of teaching and university life.

Cultural stimuli at the university are close to our hearts and communication is the vector.

Extensive campaigns have been held by our group and a constant monitoring and review of current communication systems is underway with the administration.

  1. Regulations and spaces

Revisions to the Student Council Regulations and the Criteria for Funding Cultural Activities have been made with the aim of maximizing the impact of the Representatives on the student universe and extending participation.

A precise attention was then paid to the spaces in the university: redevelopment projects are under discussion, starting from the BV Durando construction sites where with the U-Art event street art makes its way between identity, design and urban regeneration.

  1. Taxes and contributions

The arduous issue of the Design Purpose Fee has been followed for a whole year: the amount will be reduced to 50% and 30% in the next two a.y. and reset by the following years.

The representatives will continue to participate in tables with the Indigo Department in what is now a good model of consolidated governance at all levels in the university.

Careful supervision has been made on the current student contribution: the 4% increase due to the new method of identifying the band will be counterbalanced by the zeroing of the inflation adjustment for the next two years; the extra revenue will also be invested in student services.

  1. Didactics

Teaching is protected in its quality by our 35 Representatives in their respective Faculties: a first innovative element is the introduction of the LS in English to Leonardo Materials. This is followed by a proposal for merit incentives: reintroduction of the 30L, bonus on the final grade for those who obtain high scores in the English exam, double evaluation in thirtieths and ECTS.

  1. Activities for students

The activities are the tool with which we interact with students, improve university life and extend the opportunities offered by PoliMI.

In this year and a half more than 2800 different students, from all locations, have participated in our initiatives; over 1100 participated in our workshops and conferences, 600 in sports activities; already 800 have come on a trip with us and altogether more than 3000 students have registered on our site

Here are in detail all the activities we organize:


  • "Cinema and digital": 4 meetings to understand the evolution of technology in cinema!
  • "Fresh drops": 4 meetings with young Italian architects.
  • "U-art": two walls of 100 meters, two more of 60 meters and 6 totems painted by students near the PK building, Campus Durando. Also in the photography workshop there are now two murals made during U-art.
  • "Policorto": "Fabbriche al buio" the first short film conceived and made by the students of the polytechnic! The film was selected and screened at the Milano film festival in October 2010. Click here for more info
  • Periodically Jazz aperitifs have been organized at the educafè
  • "Mobile development workshop 2010": two meetings organized in collaboration with Microsoft to learn how to develop applications for smartphones
  • **"Install aperitivo party":**to help students install all the programs that the ASI service makes available and above all to set up the terrible polimi wireless network.
  • 3 cineaperitivi: the aperitif with the film inside: "Il divo", "Zelig" and "Tempi moderni", in the evocative setting of the Bovisa photography workshop
  • "Photography group" for enthusiasts and students with a desire to learn


  • "Digital and architecture": courses by Revit, 3dsmax, Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign that involved more than 1100 students in the Leonardo and Lecco poles.
  • 2 "Business English" courses of two classes each, in Leonardo and Bovisa, 30 people per class, for a total of almost 100 people involved.
  • 1 course for the preparation of the GMAT: in Bovisa, for 60 people


  • 5 trips to Bardonecchia:5 days of skiing and fun! the most awaited event of the year!
  • 2 trips to Tuscany to discover the landscape and the flavors and traditions of this region
  • 2 trips to Munich
  • 1 trip to Prague
  • 1 trip to Rome
  • 1 boat tour on Lake Como


  • The newspaper Poliversa has reached its seventh issue
  • Cronache universitarie wants to be a lean tool to tell what happens in our university. Write too!


  • Polisquash, agreement with the sports center in via Pascoli
  • 4 "Polisoccer" tournaments to challenge the students of the Polytechnic to football.

In February 2009 Student Union Network ONLUS was born, which unites students from all the Milanese universities convinced that merit and equal opportunities must be the basis of the university.SUN is working to provide scholarships to attend summer schools at LSA and L'AA in London in the summer of 2010.

If you want to know more about the SUN project click here.

Of course all the details are available on our website! Sign up for! We also have a facebook group and a Fan page. We recommend that you subscribe to both to be always updated in real time on our activities!

Remember that Svoltastudenti is a group of students at the service of students! That's why we need your help! If you want to be part of our team you are welcome! Write to us at or come and visit us in

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