Post-exam questionnaire update

What if we could assess the difficulty of the exams? Send advice or suggestions to improve them? We continue to carry out this proposal, an objective for a truly innovative teaching, given that students have always expressed the need to give feedback on the methods and times of evaluation that the individual teachers of the courses adopt.

In the last summer session, the aerospace courses served as pilot courses for the implementation of a post-exam questionnaire with some questions: these range from asking if the time to carry out the exam was sufficient, to issues concerning the compliance of the evaluation methods with those declared at the beginning of the course.
There is also a free space for comments.

After the project was officially launched, we worked to present a report on the actual usefulness of the questionnaires: the results were very positive, with constructive criticism useful for improving teaching. Although for now the pilot courses identified are only six, in the next semesters we will work to be able to extend this initiative first to all aerospace courses and then to all courses of study.

Our representatives Lorenzo Dionigi and Riccardo Del Torre are personally and assiduously taking care of this project, for more info you can write to us or contact:
Lorenzo Dionigi

Riccardo Deltorre