Update October / November AUIC

During the meeting in the Board of the AUIC school on October 10, 2017, the issues related to the confirmation of the hearings of the Evaluation Unit for the EDA courses in Lecco, Architectural Design in Milan and Building Systems Engineering in Milan were addressed.

The pictures with the numbers of enrolments of 1st and 2nd levelswere examined, raising the critical issue due to the elimination of the minimum threshold for non-EU students that makes some master's degree courses unmanageable.

Deadlines have been set for the submission of Innovative teaching proposals for the CdS, directing the coordinators to aim to improve the critical areas.

The proposal of prof. Lozza was illustrated, which welcomes the requests of the students to keep two appeals available for the graduation session. The coordinator of the course of Architectural Design, prof. Campioli, proved to be contrary to what was proposed, given the problems of management of laboratories with compulsory attendance.

Ingegneria Edile e delle Costruzioni has shown itself to be in favor, proposing in CCS a survey on the distribution of appeals.