Universities, more funds to the best

The University of Trento, the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin are the three best Italian universities.

Those that, according to the ministry, have the highest quality standards. And for this they will be rewarded.

Indeed, the prize has already been awarded by Minister Mariastella Gelmini.

For the first time in Italy, in fact, the ministry has distributed a part of the funds allocated to universities on the basis of new quality assessment criteria.

7% of the ordinary funding fund, i.e. 525 million euros, was allocated based on the quality of the research and teaching of the universities.

In particular, two-thirds of this fund was allocated on the basis of the quality of research, one third on the basis of the quality of teaching.

And the ranking, which was the basis for this division of funds, will certainly cause discussion (read the ranking of the ministry).

Because if there are those who get more funds, there are also universities that, consequently, will receive less. And in the first ranking there are as many as 27 universities that will have a "cut" of funds because according to the evaluation "they do not have the expected quality standards".

EXCELLENCE – The measure, signed today by Minister Mariastella Gelmini, therefore launches a new evaluation system for Italian universities. The intention of the ministry and the government is to reward the most "virtuous" universities. What excellences have been detected in the awarded universities?

Trento, for example, according to the ministerial provision, despite being a small university, has managed better than any other to intercept, through its own projects, European funding.

The Polytechnics of Milan and Turin, on the other hand, have achieved important results on teaching, research, self-financing skills, good student evaluations, positive training processes (number of teachers adequate in relation to the number of students), presence of many projects assigned by the National Research Program.

Ranking of the ministry: