« You will give Italy Engineers, Architects »

Sen. Carlo Matteucci

We are still neither engineers nor architects but in the meantime we do what we can. Carlo Matteucci does not want it, but we should update this quote by adding the designers!

A warm afternoon at the end of May, of those dedicated to crazy and desperate study that precede the summer session. Here comes the count of the damage of the umpteenth shock in Emilia and almost at the same time Cosimo swoops into the office of Svolta (but for friends auletta =) ): "Ragà we have to do something!".

There is no need to add anything else. The time to get organized, do some brainstorming, discover that we can not handle neither food (not packaged) nor alcohol (no Lambrusco and no Parmigiano mannaggia! ) we are on track.

Between Marianna who calls for authorizations and Andrea who inquires about the ONLUS, in a few days we managed to set up our solidarity project. We bought 500 non-repayable snacks to give away in exchange for a free offer, the entire proceeds will go to a transfer for civil protection in favor of the earthquake victims in Emilia.

On Thursday we chased students and professors to give voice to our cause. And most people helped us, some with 1€, some with 10€. (THANK YOU ALL!).

In 4 hours we have remedied € 412, but let's pretend that it is 500 and we of the association double the figure, arriving at a check of € 1000. Word has spread to such an extent that many young people, even from the state ask us for the iban to participate in the collection.

So we decided to keep it open until 24 on Monday 11 June, the money collected will be added to € 1000.

The reason why we decided to make this collection is to make a donation on behalf of the students of the Politecnico di Milano, a university in which, after the Abruzzo earthquake, many students of the University of L'Aquila converged and which also hosts many students from Emilia, Umbria, Marche and Molise who have a vivid memory of the tragedies of earthquakes.

It is a gesture of solidarity for Emilia, a gesture to represent the aforementioned students but above all it is a gesture to say: we are not indifferent!

The IBAN is IT62B0569601620000010264X03 the beneficiary is SvoltaStudenti, as a reason: donation for earthquake for emilia romagna.

"There is no remedy for earthquakes. If the sky threatens us with lightning, there is also escape in the caves. But against earthquakes it is not worth the escape, they do not benefit hiding places … "There is no remedy for earthquakes. If the sky threatens us with lightning, there is also escape in the caves. But against earthquakes it is not worth the escape, they do not benefit hiding places … "

Francesco Petrarca, Secretum, dialogue 91, after the earthquake of 1349

At 04:02 on Saturday 20 May many of us were sleeping, some returned home devastated by the Milanese nightlife and others were at home on facebook or watching a movie; when the hands moved to indicate 04:03 everyone felt the Earth tremble: those who slept woke up, those who returned home began to think: "I am too drunk or there is an earthquake!?!", but perhaps someone did not notice.

After those few seconds, each of us tried to understand what the epicenter was through the various information channels, discovering that the area most affected had been Emilia Romagna.

An earthquake of magnitude (Ml) 5.9 occurred at 04:03 Italian time on May 20, 2012. The earthquake was located by the National Seismic Network of the INGV in the seismic district called Pianura Padana Emiliana.


The next day the news began to project images of the devastated in the various affected countries.

At that moment we realized that many people were without a home, without a job and many years of history were lost. Since that day the shocks have not ended, indeed they are increasing more and more.

So we at SvoltaStudenti decided to collect the desire to support the Emilian friends who breathed in the air at the Polytechnic, organizing a fundraiser, "Turning point for the Earthquake", offering a snack in exchange for an offer.

Walking through the streets of the Poli, receiving rejections and compliments and listening to stories of those who have experienced another massacre dictated by nature such as the one in Abruzzo or Molise, we managed to collect 412 €. SvoltaStudenti has decided to double, or rather has decided to "round up" this figure, donating another € 588 and then making a transfer of € 1000 in favor of the Emilia Romagna Region, as recommended on the Civil Protection website.

This is our way of thanking and amplifying the message of the students of the Politecnico di Milano who, all together, wanted to send a message to the Emilians: "WE ARE ALL WITH YOU!".