The abbreviated name means School of "Urban Architecture and Construction Engineering".This new school brings together the old schools of Civil Architecture, Architecture and Society and Building Engineering-Architecture, to which the DAStU, ABC and DICA departments are connected.

2) WHEN?

The AUIC school was officially formed on January 1, 2016: it should be noted that this first year represents a transitional period and therefore all the new regulations and the definition of details, exams and everything related to the training of the new school will be active starting from the academic year 2016-2017.

3) WHY?

The school was created to face two essential motivations.First of all, it arises from the need to reduce the number of entries: this is because, in fact, analyzing the demand of the market following graduation, we want to guarantee each of our graduates the opportunity to find work at the end of the course of study. Secondly, through the union of different preparations such as architecture, urban planning and engineering, we want to raise the quality of training, going to eliminate those situations of obvious overlaps of courses that previously existed.The improvement of preparation is dictated by the fact that students will now have the opportunity to deal with transversal activities to the different disciplines that make up the school, such as workshops or optional courses that will allow a comparison with preparations different from their own.


The new school allows, through these transversal activities and a simpler internal coordination, the possibility of raising the level of internationalization, thanks to the greater possibilities for students who wish to take advantage of Erasmus opportunities and a greater number of courses held by Visiting Professor.


For students who have already started their university career, in one of the previous schools, nothing changes. The courses of study will in fact be maintained and each student will be able to conclude the path started. In fact, remedial courses will be prepared for students who will have to carry out laboratories of previous years that have been exhausted and there will be the possibility of taking the exams of the optional courses if these are no longer available. Another strong point of the new school is the intent to improve the management of internships: we want to bring large professional studies to the Polytechnic for both architects and engineers of the new school.


A specific website has been set up by the new school, a simple interface where you can find all the necessary information regarding the individual courses of study that make up the new school, documents and all the contacts to contact for information and clarifications, including the contacts of the student representatives.Laura Olivastri (Building Engineering – Architecture) & Francesca Coffano (Architecture)Representatives within the Board of the new AUIC school