The second edition of the scholarship for sporting merits

Published the second call of one of our achievements to which we are most fond: the ** scholarship for sporting merits ** awarded to excellent students in study and sport!

The €50,000 fund has a new distribution compared to 2014: the number of exchanges drops to 22, but increases the premium from €1,500 to €2,500.

The required average grade requirement drops to 24.
This choice is due to the fact that we actually want to reward sporting merit at **high national levels**and that before the ranking was saturated with athletes who were not recognized by the high-level CONI.

Among other changes to the same position in the ranking will be rewarded those who have not yet received the bag. Last year's assignees will receive the award from the rector during the first edition of Polimi Sport Day on October 9, 2015.

Some data of the 2014 call:

  • n. questions: 150
  • students admitted to the ranking: 90
  • bags available: 33
  • high-level athletes awarded: 10.

What are you waiting for to get on the podium! The call will expire on December 11th:

We tell you how last year we arrived at this opportunity: