the rector's message

I wanted to write something about the message sent by the rector to all students, it certainly agrees with the idea of turning students about cuts to universities.

The path that the polytechnic and our rector is carrying out is certainly right, the attempt to talk with the government to seek a dialogue that nn there has been until now (in my opinion mainly due to the fault of the government) try to find a solution try to make it clear that nn all universities are wrong that nn all professors are dishonest that nn all competitions sn rigged.

The pole is a reality that works (certainly for engineering) and it is right that this merit is recognized.

I am tired of seeing students who don't care that nn inform themselves and speak, speak in full favor of this reform, of these cuts that are actually done badly without any logic without a real purpose of improvement, but only to find money to move elsewhere.

Our rector, but I believe also our group, moves in a different way both from the government vision and that made by the other universities, that is, he wants to report a project, a concrete project that moves to recognize the merit (that meritocracy that we so much want so I invite everyone to join the facebook group) that merit that our university has, that other universities also have, and that merit must be recognized and rewarded, otherwise in universities where it has been wasted it must be cut, cut hard so that they adapt and put themselves on a par with the best.

We then want to stop saying that the sn funds always used badly, for the poli nn is so (this also applies to other virtuous universities) it is therefore right that investments for a more cutting-edge research that makes this nation shine again from a cultural and scientific point of view, this nn can be done by cutting, but giving funds, but like these funds by observing the merit and controlling how these funds are spent.

I hope that the government understands this and moves for greater control of how the money ends up and moves to cure the university and not to make it die.