The latest News from the Board of Directors

Scholarships of the right to study 2020/2021

On 24/11/2020, the Board of Directors confirmed its commitment to guarantee the provision of scholarships for the right to study (DSU) for the 2020/2021 financial year to all eligible students, through a university commitment of 5.9ML.
All 6823 eligible students whose scholarship applications have been accepted will therefore be eligible for the DSU scholarship fund after the approval of the University Budget on December 22nd!

New International Mobility Call

During the last semester, together with the offices of the Polytechnic and the Rector's Delegate for International Mobility, we worked as Representatives on the drafting of a new Mobility call. One of the key principles of the polytechnic's three-year program is in fact the creation of a Global Campus: in this direction go the efforts of our university in creating an increasing number of opportunities abroad for students, and above all the attempt to fill more and more the existing agreements.

For this reason, mobility for the a.a. 2021/2022 will be banned twice during the current academic year:

  • with the Call recently published, and which closes on January 8th at noon, all the mobility available for the academic year is banned. 2021/2022, whether they are short mobility, to be carried out in the first or second semester, or Double Degree mobility.
  • The second Call will be published in April 2021. In it will be banned all the mobility still available for the a.a. 2021/2022, and compatibly with the internal organizational timing of the partner offices, whether they are short mobility or Double Degree mobility, and any new mobility whose agreement has been signed in the meantime.

Since it was noted that the candidates who left for goals entered as the last preferences were a very low percentage (<1%), le preferenze massime esprimibili passano da 10 a 6 per la mobilità breve e da 6 a 3 per la doppia laurea: questo per assicurare una scelta più consapevole delle sedi. If, however, it is taken into account that the calls will be 2 during the year, the total preferences that can be expressed have remained unchanged for the Double Degree and have increased to 12 for the Trienal Degree.

For short mobility, being accepted in one of your first 3 choices prevents you from participating in the next rankings: so either you refuse mobility or you accept. For the double degree, this applies to the first two choices.

Given the specificity and diversity of the short mobility and Double Degree programs, the three bonus points for the latter have also been reinstated for those who have previously participated in a mobility program.

As far as engineering is concerned, the formation of the rankings remains unchanged compared to previous years, with the Degree as the only index of merit and positioning.
For AUIC and Design it was decided to give a bonus to the eligibility compared to the first preference expressed. The student will have a score with which he will contribute to the selection on it and the score with which he will eventually compete for the selections on the other preferences expressed will not take into account the assessment of suitability received (between 0 and 3 points) on the first preference.

We have worked for a long time on the drafting of this new call, implementing both the suggestions of the students and the data of the University. The call includes 4 editions, different according to the school of reference. Given the changes made – which are many – we therefore invite you to read it in its entirety at the following link:
and write to us in case you encounter problems or want to have clarifications.

Tecla Trifilò – Student Representative on the Board of