The activities of the second semester of the Students Union

I have always supported the importance of enhancing communication between students and associations active at the Polytechnic, representative and not. For over a year now, thanks to the brilliant idea of some representatives of Terna Sinistrorsa, he has moved in this direction.

Now, with this new space, other associations, starting with our Student Union ( can also communicate their initiatives more effectively to students. We are working a lot in this direction and we do it on two fronts: working to create activities to be made available to students as well as proposing ourselves in a further effort to communicate our work.

The Poli helps us in this by providing us with a tool updated periodically, Politamtam, I point out the link:

On the part of the associations there is a great communicative work that starts from the web, after stupoli, here are for example other sites that inform you about what happens in the university: .

A great communicative effort is also made by the friends of Poliradio, the radio of polimi students:

Recently we have also landed on Facebook, with a group that will keep students constantly informed about the proposed initiatives: it is called Eventi Studenti – Politecnico di Milano, this is the link

Intense communication campaigns in their standard form, posters and leaflets will follow: all in the hope of informing students as widely as possible of the OPPORTUNITIES available in the university (see the STRATEGIES TO SURVIVE THE POLI, full of useful tips

This BLOG also wants to COMMUNICATE: it's almost spring, there is sun, let's start with cultural activities, sports and travel; in the next speech updates on representation commitments!

Antonio Mazzitelli Representative in the Academic Senate here the flyer of the activities of the second semester:] from our blog