On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 22 there was the second Permanent Student Commission of our term.

Many issues were discussed: approval of cultural and sports activities, as usual in this period, approval of the registration of two new associations, space management and Wi-Fi expansion in the residences.

Specifically, after the approval of the cultural and sports activities and the registration of the new associations: BEA (Biomedical engineering association) and the Muslim Students Association, we started talking about the spaces.

Given the planned modernization work, which will involve the Bonardi campus from next year, we began to ask how the most critical situations of closure of classrooms or study spaces will be handled. The University will present the project in the coming months and from this we will be able to know the details and timing.

The manager of ASICT (ICT services area) also presented the project to extend the coverage of the University Wi-Fi in all residences. This aims to cover all spaces in each residence hall, including residents’ rooms, with Wi-Fi by the year 2018. With the same intervention, we will make sure that the wired network will be accessible only with a certificate, to prevent residents from installing personal access points that could interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

We believe this is an important success and a signal of the centrality of the commitment in the residences of the Polytechnic. Moreover, we are very satisfied, since we were particularly committed to this point during the election campaign.

Certainly there is still much to do, but we believe there is the right attention from the University bodies to achieve important improvements.