Academic Senate of 21 September

Inauguration of the 153rd Academic Year

On October 26th, in the redeveloped classrooms of Bovisa of the B12 building with a capacity of 700 seats, the inauguration of the new academic year will be held. Probably with the extraordinary participation of Sergio Mattarella and Stefania Giannini.

Ranking 2015

General satisfaction with the results obtained: according to QS parameters, our university is 187th in the world and first in Italy.
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Open sessions Academic Senate

The Senate voted in favor of the possibility of making open sessions at the request of various organs of the Polimi including the Student Council on a matter of particular interest.
Open sessions are not public, but technical-administrative representatives, teachers' representatives and student representatives may participate.

Polytechnic Foundation

Renewal of collegial and monocratic bodies of the Politecnico di Milano Foundation.
President of the Foundation:Gianantonio Magnani.
Elected to the Boardof Directors: Federico Cheli, Gabriele Angelo Dubini, Maria Luisa Galbiati, Monica Papini, Emilio Pizzi.