Emergency response for study spaces

During the last Permanent Student Commission, as we had anticipated in the last article (you can find it here),the theme of spaces was discussed. Here's what has been decided in terms of study spaces!

To date, the Polytechnic has 5845 study stations, 2282 in Bovisa and 3563 in Leonardo.

We state that not all of these are fully exploited, both for reasons of inconvenience for students and for lack of adequate information on the subject. We have therefore asked for increased communication on this subject, to allow all students to find a place to study. This pagewas then published.

The works at Leonardo, which will start at the end of May at Leonardo, will involve the study spaces especially during the Academic Year 2018/2019.

Specifically, among the spaces used for the study will also be closed: the Trifoglio building (13) for renovation, the COS space of building 11 for the redevelopment of the spaces and the Mauro library for demolition.

In addition, the interfaculty will undergo, during the month of August, a redevelopment of the spaces following a partial change of intended use.

Aware of this situation, as a result of the work of AGIS and student representatives, it was possible to resolve the issue, providing for the provision of new spaces, many of which are permanent:

  • The premises of the Career Service,28 study places in building 2, available from mid-June (the office will move to where the library was, on the ground floor of the rectorate).
  • Inbuilding 9 on the ground floor, instead of an office, 28 study places available from the end of May.
  • Classrooms S.1.8, S.1.9, S.1.10: converted from classrooms for teaching to study rooms, for a total of 120 seats.
  • Inbuilding 4,on the ground floor, from mid-May some temporary spaces open obtaining about 60 seats, and will remain open until the completion of other works.
  • Inbuilding 6,some service rooms have been converted obtaining 20 seats.
  • Inbuilding 23,on the ground floor, 144 studio places for the conversion of some former offices.
  • In addition, some classrooms will be available for study during the session period: G1, G2, CE.3 and L26.04.

We then recall that the issue returns to normal at the beginning of the Academic Year 2019/2020 when the Trifoglio building will be reopened, with a new study room, and the COS space (students' agora), and subsequently it will improve with the other new buildings, as already explained here.

In Bovisa instead: it was decided to open from May two new studio spaces in La Masa, on the B12 first floor and in the basement of the B24,with respectively 68 and 20 new seats.

In Durando instead, as already anticipated, we will proceed with the purchase of the building in Via Durando 10, to host during the next academic year 3 sections of the first year of Biomedical Engineering and 7 of the first shared year of Automation, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science. This shift will only last for a year.

Other news are: that from the month of May there will be an armed guard to Leonardo in building 11, from 20 to 7, to ensure greater security in the open space 24h and in the summer the layout of the basement of Leonardo's library will be revised, which following the movement of books has remained thin and is more usable.

Finally, we obtained theextraordinary opening of building 11 and the Mauro library (until its demolition in May) until 10 pm, to give a space to study for the partial and serenely prepare for the exams.

We would like to thank the University and the offices for the great attention they have paid to the theme.We are satisfied with what we have managed to achieve and we believe that the period of work has now been optimally planned, we hope that at the end of this the improvement in terms of number and quality of study places will be tangible.

For more information or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us!