Residences 2018/2019: A new beginning.

As we had announced, this May is a month of great news for the residences. In this article we summarize the most for guests who do not take advantage of a discounted rate.

The new academic year will see the opening of two new residences:Pareto and Einstein. 
The new openings, however, will be accompanied by divestitures: the Certosa, Monneret, Rubattino, Gauss, Martinitt and Casa Sperlari (Cremona) residences will no longer be available. 
In addition, in the Galilei residence, the places of competence of the Polytechnic will be allocated entirely for accommodation places at a reduced rate.

The places in the available residences (in Milan: "Casa dello Studente", "Einstein", "Pareto", "Dateo" and "Newton"; in Lecco "Loos" and in Como "La Presentazione") will be bookable only for periods of a semester or an academic year,and it will not be possible to change the reservation except for serious reasons or in case of graduation in December, February or April.

In this case it is necessary to write the reason for the cancellation to the address: by the 10th of the month and free the accommodation within the same month.
For the cancellations of February the date to free the accommodation will be February 22, 2019, due to the takeover of the second semester.

We proceed to the renewal of the accommodation place **by making the payment with **PagoPA at the time of booking and choosing as a payment period bimonthly installments or a single solution.

We refer to the website of the residences for the complete rates:

We invite you to report problems or critical issues of this new system.

Have a nice stay in residence!