LEGACY Project

Did you follow interesting free workshops and had to compete to take a place because 160 were not enough?Have you participated in one of our trips and had fun as never before proposing to participate in all the trips organized by turning point?

Have you raced karts or challenged hundreds of friends to soccer and you said to yourself, next year I absolutely want to do it again?

Have you ever thought that you too can help organize all this?

The guys of SvoltaStudenti launch _progetto _****LEGACY: adopt a student to improve the pole.

Each breakthrough member is committed to "adopting" students and instrumentals who want to commit themselves to organizing events, trips, courses, activities inside and outside the polytechnic thanks to the opportunities that the polytechnic offers.
Visit the People page with the list and descriptions of the members of turning students and do not hesitate to contact them directly for any information.