Press Release Svoltastudenti – 17 January

17 January 2014

As student representatives we distance ourselvesfrom whathappened today at the Politecnico di Milano. 

A group regularly registered in the register of lists of the Politecnico di Milano has officially requested, through its representative, the concession for a conference, not specifying an involvement with an external far-right group, the Alpha Group, a movement linked to Loyalty and Action.

In fact, although the conference entitled **"The world towards a multipolar future" **had already been rejected in the State University, the organizers of the event, **not having specified **a particular reference to the neo-fascist group, have evaded a sure negative response of the administrative staff and therefore obtained the regular concession of the classroom.

Rector, Administration, and student representation, were therefore not aware of what had occurred until the beginning of the conference itself. As soon as they were informed, the university promptly interrupted the conference and the militants were removed by the police forces outside the university.

In the meantime, anti-fascist groups have been mobilized in the outdoor area, awaited by a police and carabinieri nucleus.

What happened today must no longer occur, in compliance with the constitutional principles that our Republic enshrines and defends.

However, we are firmly convinced that political ideologies should not enter directly into the university,which is why we **believe **in a free and healthy representation that is the spokesman of the student instances directly to the university and government bodies unlike what has always happened, without the instrumentalization that parties and unions have always done of this voice.

We wish to discuss the problems on the basis of concreteness and not on the basis of prejudices and ideological dogmas typical of a large part of the student, trade union or party camps.