Poliversa, a newspaper for students: meeting for new ideas

After about two years of activity, the editorial staff of Poliversa has decided to start a project of renewal of the newspaper, to try to get closer and closer to university students, becoming a bearer of novelties, food for thought and current issues that directly involve students.

To respect this commitment and to offer a newspaper that lives up to expectations, the active collaboration of readers and students is necessary on April 2nd at 5.30 pm in T.0.2 the editorial staff will meet, therefore, all those who want to engage in this renewal project, putting their commitment and, why not, their talent, at the service of Poliversa.

The necessary requirement is the willingness to be students aware of the university environment.

It would be nice to create a polytechnic editorial staff, brilliant, sensitive and attentive to the process of renewal that, in different times and ways, is inevitably involving the Italian university reality …

If you want to become a collaborator of Poliversa, if you want to know more about the newspaper, if you have questions, doubts or curiosity ..

April 2 is the right time to come forward!!!