Patio open 24 hours a day, the true story of Svoltastudenti (and a bit of cringe)

Back in 2009, when cringe was the norm and no one was shocked, a cheerful group of students dressed in orange and passionate about university life noticed that the moment of closure was always very sad: they therefore dreamt of a Polytechnic where the classrooms were open all day and all night! Can you imagine? Being able to share study nights or project deliveries with their off-site friends, comfortably seated in the wonderful lecture halls of the Agora. Of course, the Agora classrooms are just a figure of speech, but having a place to count on is always a help, especially if you don’t have a single room where you can study.

We leave you with a pearl from the past to remind you that certain comforts must be earned and above all you must have the courage to look where no one else can see: