News Taxes 2017

Yes, unfortunately it is not a joke, from the next academic year (2017/2018) there will be a considerable increase in taxes.

Specifically, the topic "fortunately" does not concern all students. The planned interventions are

  1. The first installment, which was previously € 883.58 in the three-year and € 845.58 in the master's degree will now be the same for everyone at € 883.58.
  2. Taxes in band 9 and 10 will be increased by about € 100 in band 9 and € 250 in band 10.

The reasons for this important increase are linked to two important events: the stability law and a reduction in regional funding.

A reflection on the theme

Obviously, raising taxes is not the only possible solution. It may be time to think about a rationalization of spending or to invest in a more targeted way in certain areas. The theme is developing these days but in our opinion there is still a lot to discuss. What is your opinion on this? Give us your opinion by contacting us at