News from the Civil Engineering course

The Study Council has worked a lot since its establishment and we would like to tell you what has been done.

A Passion in Action course on BIM held by Professor Scesi and Professor De Gaetani will start this summer,activated on the proposal of the Student Representatives. It will be delivered towards the end of July (20-24 probably) for a total of 20 hours of which about 12 are laboratory hours.The limit of students who can participate has been set at 30.

The calls for double internal degrees have been reconfirmed by updating the course codes.
For the exchanges, two new agreements have been approved with the University of Miami and Chongqing,while an agreement is being negotiated with the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona).

The organization of the PSPA (Pre-Approved Study Plan) Geotechnics has been modified,moving the characterizing exams of Geotechnics (ICAR/07), which were previously present only in the second year, in all four semesters of the master's degree, inserting one per semester (ADVANCED SOIL AND ROCK MECHANICS in the first semester, GEOTECHNICAL MODELLING (Materials and Processes) in the second semester, GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN (Structures and Infrastructure) in the third semester and SLOPE STABILITY in the third semester and SLOPE STABILITY in the second semester rto).
This has solved historical problems inherent in this master's degree course.The Foundations course will change its name to GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN (Structures and Infrastructure).

A new proposal is the META disciplines:the proposal to provide a course in parallel to "Scientific and Technical Communication", present in the second semester of the second year of the Master's Degree, which deals with transversal themes to civil engineering, will be called: Social Impact, Risk and Responsibility of Technology and Engineering.
The course would have a weight of 4 credits just to be able to be delivered in parallel to the other.

The precedences of verbalization between exams of contiguous semesters of different years have been eliminated,effectively eliminating all the precedences between contiguous exams, something for which Svoltastudenti has been batting for several years.


  • Mathematical Analysis 2 will no longer be verbalization precedence for Differential Equations and Rational Mechanics
  • Physics I and Physics IIA for Rational Mechanics
  • Construction Science for Geotechnics
  • Hydraulics for Hydraulic Constructions

The drafts of the Didactic Regulations of the Bachelor's Degree (versions in Italian and English) have been approved and in particular also the planned number of students of the Master's Degree, set at 220.

In fact, the new proposal for the first year of the three-year degree is included in these, with two sections, of which an English section with the same teachings as the Italian section.

For the second year the only differences between the two sections concern the teaching of Technical Physics, which in the English section is an alternative to Project management, and the increase of 2 credits for the teaching of Surveying and data processing in the English section, to be dedicated to in-depth analysis of probability and statistics.

For the third year of the English section, the 6 CFU Estimo and the 3 CFU soft skills courses do not appear and there is only one electful 6 CFU course compared to the 12 CFU of the Italian section. For the remaining 12 free credits, the proposal is to borrow from the master's degree the already active teaching of Non-Destructive Testing (Non Destructive Testing) from 6 CFU and to activate a new Structural Monitoring teaching of 6 CFU, with the aim of giving a slight characterization to the training course in English on the very current issues of management, maintenance and monitoring of facilities and infrastructures.

A warm greeting from your representatives

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