News central bodies of the month of February-Consulta della didattica

In the last didactic consultation, the relevant aspects focused on the formulation of the manifestos and Didactic Regulations for 2014-15, on the entrance tests for the School of Design and on the implementation of the University's strategic guidelines regarding thetraining policy (this last point of the odg proposed and presented by our representative in the Academic Senate,Vincenzo Giannico)

Formulation of posters and RD a.a. 2014-15

Basically, it was noted the need to establish common operating lines for all schools in the compilation of theDidactic Regulations. In the last session, it was already noted that the courses that from this year will be delivered in English will necessarily have to be recodified through the registry.

Still with reference to the change in the language of delivery of many LMs, it is recalled that the offer provided in the first year will be in English,while that of the second will still be in Italian. Two possibilities are therefore proposed to define the planned offer: insert it directly into the Manifesti application (thus also codifying the new courses of the second year for 2015-16) or inserting it in the Didactic Regulations as a textual part. Unless further indicated, each School will choose which option to use.

Online entrance test School of Design

There will be three sessions of the admission test for the School of Design, divided as follows:

  • Early session: 12 April 2014
  • II early session: 15-16 July 2014
  • III session in September: 3-4-5 September 2014

In the early entry test — which will take place in April and July — there will be 600 places available, 200 for each date. The maximum number of candidates for each date will be 1000. You can only register on one date of the three,while in September 400 places will be dedicated. Finally, if a student intends to enroll in April and will not be able to participate in the July test.

Implementation of the University's latest strategic guidelines regarding training policy

Our representative Vincenzo Giannico explained the need to make effective what was decided by the Academic Senate; in fact, following the approval of the latest strategic guidelines of the University, we consider it useful tofocuson a greater role of planning in teaching and on continuous evaluation methods, in our opinion very positive for the student, with a final exam built on the basis of constant commitment during the year in addition to the commitment in the final exam.

In this sense we propose to evaluate actions on the academic calendar by reducing the period of exam sessions,leaving room for project activities, internships and internships. This would also open a wider window for departures to the Erasmusprogramme, with less interference with lectures and exams.

After an intense and profitable debate, the discussion ended and the Consulta proposed to take into maximum consideration the indications of our Giannico,inviting to bring the discussion back to the CCS and proposing the formulation of programmatic documents on the subject.

It will therefore be our task,together with the contribution of all the University representation, to draw up a serious, concrete and integrated proposal on the possibility of undertaking a new form of teaching and evaluation and programming of the academic calendar. #DiamociDaFare