New Researchers, CUG, DI and student elections

Hi guys, we report what happened during the meetings of the Didactic Council and Academic Senate this month.

During the meeting of the Didactic Council, the theme of Innovative Didactics was addressed, with the increase of another 5 credits in almost all courses with courses delivered with new teaching methods.

The maintenance of the Degree Classes is taking place, updating the existing classes where necessary. The National University Council, CUN, will update the classes, following the proposals it will receive with the aim of increasing their flexibility.

A promotion of the master's degrees will be made by the schools, to make the list of courses of study present in the University better known. From next year there will also be an introductory lesson to all the years of the course, to inform students more.
Finally, some international agreements were proposed and renewed, including the one with KTH and Xian Jiao Tong University.

There has been talk of student elections, obtaining that from this year the experience is officially recognized by the Politecnico di Milano through a system of certificates and included in the Diploma Supplement.

During the Academic Senate, the report on the activities of the Single Guarantee Committee (CUG) was presented, which will be deepened with that on the gender budget, the situation is very different for the different disciplinary areas present in the University. We will try to make the organ better known during the next academic year, perhaps also through new initiatives, also given its importance.

The 2020-2022 Human Resources Plan was also approved, based on the framework of available Organic resources, approving the proposal to recruit 100 new type A researchers.

For any question or doubt we are available!

Carlo Giovani and Alessandro De Iasio