Less classes during Design Week?

Design as continuous research, assimilation and discovery

For years, design students have been complaining about the difficulty of visiting design week: most lectures have compulsory attendance, weekly reviews and delivery work make it very difficult to afford a few free hours in the afternoon, when the main design installations are open.
Hence our proposal, brought to the offices in October 2022, where we asked for classes for design students to be suspended so that time could be set aside to explore design week.

The proposal – representatives of Svoltastudenti

Our proposal was to suspend classes for two days during design week. Speaking with the Secretariat, bureaucratic and legal problems emerged, but we were able to discuss the proposal on 10 November 2022 during the Design Council meeting, where our elected representative Giulia D’Aleo participates.

We believe in innovative didactics, capable of going beyond the perimeter of the classrooms and “moving” in a self-managed manner towards the most significant design event of the year: students will be able to collect photographs or case studies useful for projects or to initiate debates and comparisons with colleagues and teachers.

Our proposal: Click here to read it

The context: Milan and Design Week

Milan has the good fortune and honour of hosting one of the most important events on the design scene: every year in April, the Salone del Mobile takes place, a renowned exhibition where the most important brands and collections can be found.
There is, however, something even more unique: the so-called Fuorisalone, which consists of about a hundred exhibitions and events, organised by prominent designers and spread out with completely free access through the streets of the entire city.

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