in force the Charter of the Rights and Duties of Students

After the approval by the academic bodies (and an intense work by the representatives) the Charter of The Rights and Duties of the Students has finally entered into force.

It is a document full of important principles, consolidated at Polimi (but not at all obvious in the Italian panorama!) and now imprinted in a rector's decree.

It is an important Charter, which sets out some fundamental principles with respect to which there will be no going back, which consolidates some recent achievements and which introduces some innovations for the benefit of students and the entire University.

Respect for and protection of the Charter will be entrusted to the Permanent Student Commission of the central bodies.

Evidently it is an instrument in the making: we do not have the presumption of having created a complete and perfect work. The Charter will be perfected over the years, by other representatives, and on it the growth of the University and the civil maturation of the students will have to be measured.

Here the card on the polimi website

The Rector's Message:

Dear students, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that the Charter of the rights and duties of the students of the Politecnico di Milano is available on the university website.

The document is the result of intense work by your representatives and has been approved by the governing bodies of the university.

The adoption of the charter represents a further confirmation of the collaboration between the different components that is one of the distinctive factors of our university. So I just have to wish you a good start to the academic year!

Sincerely, Prof. Giulio Ballio Rector