On 8 and 9 June our vice-president of the student council participated in the first meeting of university students of the Lombardy region held in Cremona.

The project, organized thanks to the support of ANCI and promoted by the Department of Youth – Presidency of the Council of Ministers, saw the participation of numerous representatives from different universities located in Lombardy.

The Meeting presented itself as a promoter of the creation of a regional consultation in which all the representatives of the students of the territory can participate, weaving a network of objects that reason together on common themes.

The two-day event dealt with issues such as associations, its types, the regulations of reference to university representation, the organization of work and the common problems that affect the various universities of Lombardy.

During the meeting, actors from different social backgrounds took part, from the councilor for youth policies of the municipality of Cremona to the researcher of the Politecnico di Milano, from the municipal councilor of Milan to the head of the Cisvol of Crema, all with the aim of bringing their experience and contributing to the deepening of recurring and important issues in the university world.

All the representatives left giving themselves the appointment in November and setting clear objectives such as the involvement of the realities that did not take part in this first edition, the promotion of knowledge and the exchange of information between universities, joint work on specific issues and finally constant communication.

Moreover, given the warm welcome given to our and the other representatives, SVOLTASTUDENTI thanks in the most absolute way the organizers of this very interesting event, the Municipality of Cremona for the hospitality and Camilla, Elena and Cosmin for the initiative and professionalism shown.