Board of the school of Ing. Building-Architecture – 12/12/2013

During the last junta of the school of Ing. Edile-Architettura important innovations emerged related to the process of reorganization of theICAR area.

For the next academic year(2014-15)the situation regarding three-year degrees seems to have been completely outlined: to avoid an overlap of courses belonging to the sectoral area** "construction sciences and techniques"** the two courses of Ing. ofconstruction and Architecture and building production (APE).

The result of this merger is the birth of a new course in building engineering whose name, still being approved, will be "engineering and techniques for construction and architecture", important contribution of the rector who wanted to emphasize thepurely engineering contents of the course despite the inclusion of the same within the school of architecture.

This new course by Ing. Edile will be internally divided into three previously approved study plans (PSPA):

  • Professionalizing: for direct insertion into the world of work
  • COS: for a specialized continuation in Built Management
  • EDI:for a specialized continuation in Building Systems Engineering

Interesting innovations have also been introduced in the field of specialized degrees belonging to the school of Ing. Building-Architecture.

Important goals in this sector have been achieved in the project of rationalization of resources, content and in the context of internationalization.

The "master's degrees" project proposed by the latest CCS-EDI includes:

  • Building Systems Engineering (Milan-Leonardo): now historic course, aimed at training technicians with a complete preparation related to the engineering of architectural projects, construction management and project management. The course will be renewed through the introduction of laboratories in English for the preparation of the degree thesis.
  • Architectural Engineering (Lecco): the course was conceived as the alternative in English of Building Systems Engineering but for the profound diversity of the topics covered and the teachings offered it was decided to make it an autonomous course, in its own right. Today they can access the course architects, ing. construction and ing. civilians; in the future it may represent a variant in English of the EDA single-cycle degree.
  • Building Engineering (Milan-Leonardo): new course entirely offered in English,has been designed as a training course to which Ing. construction and ing. Civil. It aims to create super specialized technicians in the technology of the envelope of buildings and in the integration of structures-systems. The course aims to create professional figures who operate in the international market,professionals who find an optimal position in large design studios and international construction companies.
  • Gestione del Costruito (Milano-Leonardo): interfaculty course to which architects, ing. construction, ing. civil and Ing. Management. From the next academic year the course will double generating two parallel training paths:
    • COS – Italian: course focused on the maintenance and management of built heritage
    • COS – English: economic course aimed at the real estate market, construction and the built environment.

The **forecasts ** in terms of economic sustainability and rationalization of the teaching staff are excellent and the general hope on the part of the school bodies is that of a success, expressible through a high number of students,for the new courses proposed as well as a reconfirmation by the courses already present and, in general, well functioning.