23 Mar
23 Mar

Dialogue in the Dark

Come with us to the Institute for the Blind of Milan if you want to live daily actions, but from a very different perspective!

Thanks to “Dialogue in the dark” display, you will experiment everyday activitiesin a particular way: the total lack of light.

The 40 partecipants will be divided in groups of 8, each one guided by a blind person across many dark rooms, where they will interact in a way they never tried before with the world around them!


WARNING: when you will register for the event, you will have to pay a deposit of €5.00 that will be refund at the end of the activity to all the participants!!


The 40 partecipants will be divided in 5 groups of 8.

THe 5 groups will enter one by one the exhibition, one every 15 minutes. The groups have to be at the museum 30 minutes before the start of their turn:

  • 1° turn: 16.00
  • 2° turn: 16.15
  • 3° turn: 16.30
  • 4° turn: 16.45
  • 5°turn: 17.00


Each turn will last one hour.

Initiative realized with the contribution of Politecnico di Milano.

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