Erasmus changed my life. Beautiful, but there’s more!

However, there are a thousand reasons why someone might not be able to participate: work, exclusion from the rankings, commitments or simply insecurity about having to leave the warm arms of PoliMi for so long. This article is for you!

Erasmus has changed my life, living abroad is an unforgettable adventure!

How many times have we heard these phrases? Indeed, spending a mobility period abroad, whether short or long, is always a worthwhile learning experience, immersing us in different cultural contexts and adapting to new situations. By now, the figure of the Erasmus student has become a kind of meme for many, of the classic friend who returns home after a semester bringing with him new sayings, recipes and rituals.

Digital, a great tool for mobility

As we see below, there are various forms of Erasmus and mobility at the Poli, great accomplices of these new projects are certainly the hybrid lecture systems between presence and online, adopted during the pandemic but in which we see a powerful tool that can benefit students.

Let us look at some exchange projects as an alternative to the classic Erasmus:

BIP: six months out is too long!

- Duration: 5 to 30 days
- Funding: 70€/day for the first 14 days, after 50€/day.

A new project, part of the Erasmus+ Programme, provides a form of short-term mobility, which allows students to spend periods abroad of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 days. The stay at the host university is then completed with lectures or online activities. The project has been running since 2021 and is gradually gaining momentum. We are still in an experimental phase but already this year it is possible to try out the experience.

How to enrol?

In the next few months the different schools (Engineering, Architecture, Design) will create BIP projects with their own announcement, regulations and coordinating professor, you will find it in the online services where you can send your application.
Watch out for emails and look out for our Instagram stories 😉

Once the ranking list is out, the application works exactly like a normal Erasmus, you will need to submit a learning agreement and, in the case of Design and Architecture, a portfolio or motivational letter may be required.

Free Movers: do you have a dream in your pocket or have you been left out of the rankings?

- Duration: 3-6 months
- Funding: none

You can organise your study period abroad yourself, especially if you know you are not in the Erasmus rankings or if the university of your dreams is not among the Poli’s destinations! This mobility is not linked to a programme organised by the university, such as Erasmus, and therefore takes place outside the current agreements between the university and the partner institutions and the call for international mobility.

It is possible to undertake a ‘free mover’ mobility to take exams or to carry out thesis work, with different requirements for the application and approval process.
You will find all information and contacts on this page.

Enhance: Erasmus without bureaucracy!

This project is perhaps one of the most interesting and innovative, agreed by Polimi with an alliance of seven research-intensive European technical universities (Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Spain and Milan).

The project is coming to fruition right now, after no small amount of trouble and problems in coordinating the various universities: Enhance offers the possibility of filling in a study plan divided between the Poli and other universities in the alliance, during the semester the student attends courses at both locations and can decide to attend in person in Berlin for example, while taking the other poli courses online. Not bad is it?

How to apply?

You can find all the information on the page of the website, together with email contacts that we recommend.


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