Elections of the new Dean

Let’s get ready to say goodbye to Ferruccio Resta, the Magnificent Dean who has led PoliMi for the past six years. This is the special year in which the Dean changes by vote.

Who will be the future Dean?

Four nominations came in, which we report here in alphabetical order:

– Capone Antonio, current Principal of School 3I
– Magli Giulio, current director of the Department of Mathematics
– Rosati Gianpaolo, former director of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
– Sciuto Donatella, current PoliMi Vice Dean.

How to vote

This year, Magnificent Dean Ferruccio Resta will finish his six-year term; the three phases of voting (plus possible runoff) will be held in November.

A student’s vote counts for eight

The Student Council of the Politecnico di Milano will also have the right to vote. It is composed of representatives on the Academic Senate, Board of Directors and School Joint Committees, for a total of 26 members.
The Student Council vote is worth about 12 percent, followed by 79 percent of the vote of Lecturers and Researchers and 9 percent of the Technical and Administrative staff. This may not sound like much, but since there are only 26 student voters, proportionally each of our votes is worth about 8 professors!

Programs, perceptions

Currently, the two candidates capable of attracting the most attention are the Vice Dean Donatella Sciuto, on the strength of her 12 years of experience alongside two Dean, and Capone Antonio, who is currently serving for the second time as 3I school principal, reaching 4 years in office.
Recently known for advocating for the elimination of streaming and for his focus on the number of new enrollments, the current Principal is garnering support by positioning himself as a novelty compared to the policy continuity represented by Vice Dean Sciuto, who has focused her program on an overall vision with a focus on the areas of sustainability and diversity.

Who will prevail? Who will be the right person to lead PoliMi over the next 6 years? #staytuned