Indirect student council elections

The Facts

Today, about two months after the elections of the Student Representatives, the Student Council met to elect its President and the other members of the Council.

The positions to be assigned were 7: 1 president, 1 vice president, 2 representatives at the Cus, 2 at the Cug and 1 at the Evaluation Nucleus.

We as Svoltastudenti have decided to nominate our new representative on the Board of Directors Alessandro De Iasio to the position of Chairman, Andrea Della Libera to the Sports Committee (CUS) and Martina Bianconcini and Piervito Biondo to the Single Guarantee Committee (CUG).

The guys of Terna Sinistrorsa have decided to support our candidacy for the presidency. For our part, we supported the candidates of Terna Sinistrorsa to the other positions of the Student Council.

We were supported in this choice by the tangible fact that in recent years, under the presidency of Lista Aperta, the CdS has not been convened even in exceptional situations in which it could have been decisive (such as, for example, the reform of the academic calendar), making it a body whose function has become in fact useless, unable to bring the students' requests and without the strength to influence the decision-making processes of the University. We cannot allow this to happen in the next two years.

In addition, we are convinced that our voters cannot feel represented by a person chosen within a list who has adopted incorrect behavior to secure positions and seats. Therefore, out of moral bond towards those who voted for us, we have chosen to give our preference to those who have shown themselves to be respectful of the rules of comparison.

Thanks to the work done in recent months we have been able to appreciate the adequacy and preparation of our candidate for the presidency Alessandro De Iasio and we consider him capable of covering the role of guarantee towards all students and not just a part, a necessary condition that, in our opinion, the office of President must guarantee.

In summary, the following are therefore elected:

President of the CdS

Alessandro De Iasio

Turning students

Vice President of the CdS

Andrea Limonta

The Left Wing

Sports Committee

Simone Ciuffreda
Andrea Della Libera placeholder image

The Left BackHoe

Single Guarantee Committee (CUG)

Paolo Addario
Martina Bianconcini placeholder image

The Left BackHoe

University Evaluation Unit

Giorgio Travaglini

The Left Wing

Inexplicably, no openlist candidate has applied for these roles.


To better understand the reasons for the choices made today in the council, let's take a step back, to the days of the elections of 24 and 25 May. They took place in a climate of tension due to a series of incorrect behaviors by the members of Lista Aperta, which disturbed their smooth running.

We have in fact been the subject of real chases and stalking by people belonging to LA, to have the absolute certainty that we did not do what other of their representatives were free to do, that is to violate the electoral silence, convincing individual students or groups to go and vote for their list. A member of LA, while trying to convince as many people as possible to vote for his list, even accompanied an observer of Terna to the polling station, who pretended to be unaware of the elections to understand how far their misbehavior could go.

Obviously, this type of behavior is supported by a series of reports and complaints to the Electoral Commission (guarantor of the proper conduct of the elections), by various eyewitnesses.

We are very sorry to have witnessed these behaviors: we have worked hard in the months of the campaign to try to convey our vision on the future of the university, and we are convinced that these events deeply affect the credibility of representation and the electoral process.

For the completeness of the information, some members of Svolta and Terna have also been subject to reports: the former have been accused of distributing electoral material; the latter, leaflets containing generic indications on how to vote, which did not contain references to terna Sinistrorsa but only information on voting methods, extrapolated from the official ones of the university. In both cases, however, these were isolated episodes over time.

Strengthened by the large amount of reports and exposed, we relied on the Electoral Commission to punish these acts and apply the necessary sanctions. This has not happened, and indeed it has all been labeled as "incorrect behavior", putting on the same level phenomena that have a very different weight and gravity.
We totally disagree with the decision not to take action, because we do not consider our actions to be absolutely comparable to those of the members of the Open List. On the contrary, we believe that it is difficult to find something comparable with being continuously followed by strangers who keep an eye on movements and conversations.

We want these elections not to create a precedent, legitimizing, in fact, these serious behaviors, but serve, instead, to begin a reflection aimed at strengthening the supervisory action,which this year has evidently been lacking, on the part of the university, both during and after the elections, and to acquire a greater awareness of what is lawful and not.

As future architects, designers, engineers and citizens,we cannot forget, even for a moment, the social role that our professions call us to play; and precisely by virtue of it, we must put our ethical values before any stratagem that may facilitate the achievement of our objectives.

We have decided to share with you what happened to allow you to know the facts, and to reiterate at the same time that, despite the unacceptable behavior during the election days, we respect the election result and will continue to represent you in the next two years, as we have always done, to the maximum of our possibilities and with in mind the unique goal of improving life in our university.

This article is written in sharing with La Terna Sinistrorsa, here you can find their article.