Didactics of the Future: where are we?

The last two semesters have seen numerous changes in the teaching of the Politecnico di Milano. The constraints due to the COVID situation have made online recordings and lectures part of our daily lives,as well as numerous teachers have been forced to experiment with new forms of student involvement in such a different scenario.

If this massive deployment of forces was initially carried out to allow us students to cope with the pandemic without delaying our academic path, the questions that followed this period require a deep reflection on how we want to imagine teaching in the period that will follow the pandemic.

Will we return to normal,turn off webcams and forget about recordings, or will these new tools remain part of our daily lives? But above all, what impact will the possibility of attending online classes, following them on a delayed basis or on the other side of the world have on a university like ours and on campus life? What will be the consequences for commuters and off-site commuters? Will we be able to have more space for workshops or extracurricular activities?

There are many questions that need to be answered and even more are the considerations on the possible impact that these changes could have on our university. We are really facing a turning point in the middle of a complex period, in many ways dramatic: it is precisely from moments like this that the greatest possibilities for change arise.

To answer all these questions, the Polytechnic is organizing itself, both at the level of the University and atthe level of Schools: meetings with Representatives, School Juntas are just some of the opportunities for comparison that our university is putting in place, thanks to the interest and involvement of Teachers and Representatives.

As Svoltastudenti, we have always imagined a university "student-friendly",which allows each of us to combine our studies and our passions, to customize our exams and courses as much as possible. We therefore think that the opportunities that a "truly innovative" teaching offers us should not be discarded at all, but used intelligently! We like to think of the university of the future as a place where students and professors from all over the world, interacting both in presence and at a distance, are able to break down every geographical barrier. In which laboratories, spaces for study and coworking and classrooms capable of transmitting lessons also on the other side of the world coexist. In which each student is free not only to follow courses in presence or remotely depending on their preferences and needs, but also has at their disposal a campus equipped with all the technologies and spaces to be able to spend time, learn and have fun even beyond the lessons!

What do you think about these themes? Would you be interested in contributing to the future of Didactics? Then do not hesitate, contact the team of Svoltastudenti, participate with your ideas in our debates and help us to imagine the future of the Polytechnic!

Antonella Polimeno Camastra –

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