Classroom renovation, but it’s not enough!

PoliMi has completely renovated six classrooms: they now contain multifunctional areas, modular furniture, wall-mounted whiteboards perfect for brainstorming or group work, lockers to store your materials throughout the day, and more! The new classrooms lend themselves to quick changes in layout, facilitating less face-to-face teaching.

Leonardo Campus: classroom 2.2.1 – classroom Z1 + Y1 – laboratory classroom 2.2.5
Bovisa Campus: La Masa, classroom L0.5 – La Masa, laboratory classroom L0.4 – Durando, classroom B2.0.1

The problem of spaces: starting a working table

The space emergency unfortunately continues, overcrowded classrooms are the order of the day, not to mention the lack of power outlets, which continue to be insufficient even in newly designed spaces (such as the Trifoglio building in Leonardo).
As representatives, we have asked for and obtained a working table that starts this very week, the goal is to increase study spaces and electrical outlets. #staytuned

Streaming: guaranteeing teaching

We are insisting on guaranteeing live streaming, at least in situations where the classroom is not suitable to accommodate all those enrolled in the course. Streaming is certainly not a permanent solution, however, given the shortage of space, it is necessary and should be mandatory.

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