Session full of interesting topics. Budget, services and exemptions are the main themes.

Item 3.1 of the agenda provided for the presentation of the Single Financial Statements of the Politecnico di Milano – Financial Year 2017. The 2017 management reported a profit of about € 23 million.

This sum will be dedicated to the financing of activities directly related to the life of the university.

Details are shown in the table at the bottom.

There has been a review of the two-year plan for the provision of services. In particular, points have been added regarding the services for cleaning the common areas, in particular bathrooms. For the latter, an "airport-style" cleaning system will be provided, with several daily cleaning shifts planned. In addition, an armed surveillance service will be activated in the 24H spaces during the night hours, to assist the concierge service in the management of safety and with skills for medical first aid and fire emergency.

Last salient point, the exemptions for the contribution. Every year the university sets a maximum ceiling of lost income due to the various types of exemption provided (average, working students, etc.). The maximum ceiling was € 2,700,000.00, while the total request is € 5,178,337.07. The Board of Directors, referring to the university's policies in favor of merit and the right to study, unanimously approves the raising of the maximum ceiling of lower income to cover all the necessary sum requested.