Polimi also rewards sport, not only on the podium!

UPDATE OF 7.10.2015: CALL 2015! The second edition of the Scholarship for Sporting Merits

On the initiative of the representatives of Svoltastudenti a fund for sporting merits will be established aimed at students of our university who have distinguished themselves in competitive sports, practiced at high levels or excellence, without giving up a significant university career.

Just as we witness the failure of our national football team, Polimi and its representatives feel the need to encourage more sports practice for its students, recognizing that study and sport are not irreconcilable activities.

In fact, we believe that the promotion of sport, falling within the strategic objectives of the EU and its member countries, must necessarily be implemented wherever there are possibilities, within public administrations and in a greater way in its most natural forms, such as the university.

In this perspective, the establishment of a scholarship for sporting merits will certainly help to achieve the pre-established objectives, such as encouraging sports activity without this negatively affecting studies, but rather contributing as an added value to the training of students.

50,000 Euro available for the disbursement of the scholarships

The idea behind it is to allocate € 1,500 for each bag by drawing on a maximum ceiling of € 50,000 per year. For the identification of students in possession of the requisites necessary to obtain the scholarship in question, a call will be provided in which the criteria for awarding the scholarship will be clearly expressed divided into academic criteria (average grade above 25, adequate number of credits – which we will report as soon as the call -) and sports criteria.

For the latter, sports belonging to federations regularly recognized by CONI eCUSI will be considered and to distinguish between individual sport or team sport. For individual ones, the student concerned will be required (at least) to participate in the Italian federal championships of the highest category (absolute-senior). In the event that these championships are not provided, participation, with national representatives, in sporting events of international level will be required. For those in the team the student concerned will have to practice his sport in a team regularly enrolled in federal championships of professional level.

The final evaluation on the candidates

Considering the profound differences between the individual sports disciplines and the consequent impossibility of creating a univocal and correct regulation for the award of scholarships for sporting merits, it is required that it is the sports committee assisted by the services area to students and doctoral students of the Politecnico di Milano to be able to evaluate in the last instance the merits of each individual candidate.

A new look for the Merit Fund

Finally, the dialogue with the other representations has led to a new conformation of the entire Merit Fund, increasing the amount for Erasmus grants, for theses abroad and for national and international projects as well as, as described, the establishment of the new scholarship for sporting merits.

We will report in detail all the updates on the various items of the fund, as soon as they are officially formalized.

Stay Tuned!


The call for 33 scholarships for sporting merits is a reality! Follow the application procedures on the Politecnico website. The application window expires on November 28th! What are you waiting for to apply?

UPDATE 07/10/2015 by the Permanent Student Commission: The second edition of the scholarship for sporting merits

For the 2015 edition it was decided to reduce the number of bags from 33 to 22, but to increase their value from 1,500 to 2,500 Euros. The minimum grade average required drops to 24.

This choice is due to the fact that we actually want to reward sporting merit at high national levels and that before the ranking was saturated with athletes who were not recognized by the high-level CONI. 
Among other changes to the same position in the ranking will be rewarded those who have not yet received the bag. The 2015 assignees will receive the award from the rector during the first edition of Polimi Sport Day on October 9, 2015.

Some data of the 2014 call:

applications = 150, admitted to the ranking = 90, scholarships = 33, high-level athletes = 10.

The call provides for the assignment of n. 20 scholarships for merits that rise to € 2,500 each! Deadline 11/12/2015