A reflection on Digital Architecture and representation at the Politecnico

The incredible success of the 3ds max course is yet another confirmation of the discomfort that the students of the polytechnic live towards a failure to teach the most advanced methods of representation.

We at the turning point want to avoid sterile controversy in this regard. We are convinced that students know very well about the dramatic level of knowledge of software in our university as this is evidenced by the fact that 160 places are sold out in a few hours.

Not to mention the performance courses that are too often repeated every year. We leave the students the freedom to deepen the problem (which we have often presented to the dean of the faculty) and we respond by offering those services that we consider fundamental and to which we have always aimed since the birth of our group.

For this reason we respond here to all the emails that have arrived in these days. We are working to organize 3ds max courses in Bovisa and Lecco.

The confirmation will be in early April and depends on the availability of teachers and classrooms. Consider the fact that there are only two of us doing all the work so if by chance you have the desire and time to help us you are welcome! Are you interested in other software?

Let us know! Come forward!

In the meantime I inform you that at 3d max the rhinoceros course will start. We also want to introduce at least the basics of Grasshopper which, relying on Rhino, allows you to script and parameterize more or less complex shapes in a simple and intuitive way.

We therefore strongly recommend everyone to follow these lessons as cutting-edge universities do nothing but talk about scripting and generative architecture. At the polytechnic, unfortunately, we still have a long way to go!

See you soon more updates.

The Archisvolta team