On April 14, the first Conference of the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineeringwas held.

The odg of the day included:

  • Organization of the School. The work of the Board and the Councils of the Study Programme since January 2016

Told by the principal Ilaria Valente,the School Council met from 1 January 2016 in 6 meetings in which the programming of the '16-'17 didactics, the definition of the school regulations, approved in the academic senate in early April, the definition of institutional tasks in the didactic framework, the visiting professors and the high qualification were discussed.
The important thing for the training of the students of the new school is a better communication with the MOA modeling laboratory and an insertion of courses that focus on software courses, focused especially on BIM, requested more in the studies, with digital advice in the laboratories.

  • Perspectives for didactic programming a.a. 2017-2018: the Master's Degree Programmes

This is the essential issue on which the table of the junta's select committee is working.
It is necessary to define a clear and unified offer for all courses, also defining training profiles, reorganizing the current courses and designing an innovative offer that looks at the requests, the various specializations but above all atinternationalization.
It is necessary to offer tools and guidance to students to guide them to the world of the profession.

Our proposal is:

  • On the theme of MOA modeling laboratory: after an interaction with the laboratory managers, together with the other representatives of the Board, we would like to encourage communication and better understand through a survey among student users on the service offered and on how to facilitate the laboratory-student interface;
  • On the subject of Master's Degrees: we aim to investigate among graduate students, Italian and not, the efficiency of the training of our school, to try to better frame the needs and shortcomings of some courses of study.

Laura Olivastri (ingEDA) & Francesca Coffano (Arch)